This is the  Fun Coast Progressive Collaborative Worksite

What We Are

Progressivism is the recognition that civilizations grow and evolve. In fact, they must grow and adapt  just as any individual or species must, or else dwindle and die out as has often occurred in the past. There are two cornerstones to civilization, the occupational specialization practiced by small groups & individuals, and the social cooperation of the entire populace. Progressives work to unify and promote both the expert advice which comes from specialization and the cooperation which comes from empathy. Only through empathy does a person recognize that our world is inherently unfair, and only through specialized social structures can we possibly hope to give all humans the same equal opportunities. 

Experts tell us, that one of the fruits of our civilization is that our species is no longer necessarily dependant on nature for our sustenance.  Our advancing technology is not that far from developing the ability to create a 100% effluent free industrial base including fishing and farming industries which are wholly isolated from nature. Vertical farming and no kill ranching will bring revolutionary new efficiencies to our ability to feed everyone. Farmlands can be returned to nature replaced by elevated solar arrays which allow photosynthetic light to pass through down into the lush natural forests hundreds of feet below. Despite our large and growing population we have the ability to re-industrialize into a sustainable civilization which allows nature to grow while our human footprint diminishes.  

We have become, and must continue to become, the protectors of both mankind and nature. As such, we recognize the importance of overcoming the unfairness of the remaining regional poverty which forces some societies to exist parasitically attached to nature like a suckling child now grown too large for the mother's loving arms. As natural disasters flare up, as they will continue to do, so too will those societies, intimately dependent on nature, continue to suffer. Our love of nature and our compassion for these subsistence societies requires us to provide assistance, when requested, to every society which desires to improve the quality and sustainability of their culture.  We know that growing investment solutions are available which do not diminish our own wealthy lifestyles. Modern civilizations have recently become so incredibly wealthy that the cost of building a global sustainable economy is small when put into comparison to, say, America's defense budget. 

What We Do (Document - Educate - Motivate)

As progressives, we actively work to unite compassionate cooperation with knowledge specialization, the dual cornerstones of civilization. We recognize that both of these cornerstones are under attack from large numbers of naive self serving entities, so we work to explain why these naive entities are misguided. We work to solve mankind's problems, and to do so in the most efficient means possible. 

We do have physical meetings, rallies and public presentations, but the vast majority of our work is online, collaborative and documentation based. This means that new members can easily discover what projects we are working on and quickly get up to speed on all those projects which interest them. We understand that the real work in solving social problems involves not marching, yelling and demonstrating but rather quietly & cooperatively reading and writing. Actual change comes from legislation and education, and both of those start with the pen.

As Progressives we strive to always remember our number one goal is to find the best experts and give them the voice they need to convince everyone what needs to be done, why it needs to be done, and how it can be done.

We invite you to join us.

We will soon open this wiki based collaborative website so you will have a place where your voice can be heard, where your ideas can be fairly judged, where your projects can be shared with other progressives. If you have not already joined our mailing list please send your name to membership at funcoastprogressives.org so we can include you.