Constitutional Amendment 28


  • Video by American Promise about Judge Lewis Powell's involvement in defining corporations as people.
  • A three tiered approach supported by American Promise.
    1. . At the municipal level - we're encouraging local citizens to become aware of and stop ACCE's mission to take over local government in the same way ALEC has done at the state and national level. We are working with Free Speech for People and that St. Pete League of Women Voters to pass an ordinance in St. Pete that we hope other municipal to embrace.
    2. . At the state level - We are working on a state ballot initiative that would curtail "dark money" election support. As part of this effort we need to build a statewide network of volunteers to assist in collecting signatures required to qualify for the ballot.
    3. . At the Congressional level - we're recommending that people follow Indivisible's playbook for guidance on reaching out to their congressional delegates to encourage them to protect democracy by Amendment that would make if possible for average citizens to afford to participate in the election process. If they don't support the effort we - we're hoping each community will find a candidate that will make this their primary election issue to run against candidates who don't support take immediate action towards passing an Amendment that levels the playing field and eliminates the U. S. Supreme Court created doctrines that "money is speech" and "corporations are people" which are the basis upon which these decisions were based.


Supportive Organizations

 * American Promise