Daytona Beach Democratic Socialists of America

Logo Fundamentally, socialism simply means "sharing", and democratic socialism means "sharing fairly". A lie has been spread, that socialism requires big mean all powerful government. The truth is that socialism is better thought of as a measurement of how well do the citizens of a country cooperate. For example: Forming a tool sharing cooperative in your neighborhood is a typical socialist idea. It has nothing to do with government. Similarly, forming a union at your place of employment is also a socialist idea, and it too has nothing to do with government. On the other hand, governments can and often do step in to implement socialist ideas, such as free roads to travel on, utilities like power, water and sewage, national parks, emergency services like FEMA, fire departments, police, and even our military forces — all are socialistic enterprises. In fact, if you list those aspects of the United States which you love the most, the majority of the items on you list will undoubtedly be socialistic ideas given to America by Progressive Socialists. 

What We Are Doing In Daytona Beach

Right now, we are forming the first local chapter of the Democratic Socialists of America. For this we need 15 founding members of DSA to band together with us. Will you join our organizing committee? Our longer term intentions are to do much, much, more. Our goal is to reach out to all residents of the Daytona Beach area and learn of your needs & wishes, and then work diligently to satisfy them.

Current Projects

  • Hurricane Irma Neighborhood Assistance
  • DSA Chapter Formation
  • Book Club

We Have Great Meetings

Our next meeting is Saturday, October 7, 12 - 2 PM @ The People's White House, 736 S Beach St. in Daytona.

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