Democratic Party of Volusia County

This is the public homepage for members of the Volusia Democratic Party, an affiliated group of the FCP. This page is sponsored by the Fun Coast Progressive Democratic Caucus and neither the Democratic Party, nor the Volusia Democratic Party, is responsible for the content of this page. Go here if you are looking for the homepage for our allied group the Fun Coast Progressive Democratic Caucus.

Structure of the Volusia County Democratic Party

Functioning under the Florida Democratic Party (FDP)  Volusia County has a Democratic Executive Committee (DEC) composed of Precinct "Captains" and select inducted individuals. Captains, who are officially called Committeemen or Committeewomen, are elected every four years in the County's general election. 

Tightly associated with the DEC are five Clubs (see list below) which perform the majority of volunteer organizing and political activism and report directly to, and help fund, the DEC. A looser connection exists between Democratic Caucus Chapters (see list below) which represent the special interest of their members and report to State Caucus organizations also chartered under the FDP.


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