FCPDC Projects

Completed Projects:

  • Public Google Calendar listing all recurring democratic club and caucus meetings in Volusia county. Go to Recurring Democratic Events to see the calendar and for instructions on how to add it to your own personal list of Google Calendars.


Active Projects:

  • Learning how to create educational online quizzes:
  • Establishment of a new state level Democratic Science Caucus of Florida.
  • Creation of a Progressive Lexicon.
  • Teaching Democrats everywhere how to fully utilize the power of wikis.


State Mandated Projects

These projects (Chapter Standing Committees) are required by DPCF. Chairs of these Standing Committees are appointed by the President at the beginning of each calendar year or following the first quarterly meeting.

  • Budget and Finance
    • The Budget and Finance Committee shall prepare a budget for the upcoming fiscal year and submit it to the Board of Directors of the Chapter for adoption at its final meeting of the preceding calendar year; shall review the financial records of the Chapter and ensure accurate financial records are maintained for the Chapter; and shall perform a comprehensive annual audit of the Treasurer and report the findings to the Chapter.
  • Bylaws, Policies, and Procedures
    • The Bylaws, Policies, and Procedures Committee shall recommend such changes to the Bylaws as may appear necessary and feasible and draft policies and procedures as requested by the Board of Directors.
  • Campaign
    • The Campaign Committee shall work with the State Caucus and the Florida Democratic Party toward the election of Democratic candidate nominees for the area covered by this Chapter, including local, state, and federal candidates.
  • Membership
    • The Membership Committee shall ascertain that all persons wishing to be members are, in fact, registered Democrats, and organize and assist on membership campaigns.
  • Communications
    • The Communications Committee shall see that all activities, including meetings, are advertised through the appropriate media, including social media and other online platforms.
  • Legislative
    • The Legislative Committee shall monitor pending legislation before the Florida Legislature, as well as local governing bodies, keep the Board of Directors informed and recommend actions to be taken by the Chapter on issues of importance at all levels of government.


Proposed Projects

  • Party Apologetics
    • List, comment & prioritize the many ways the Democratic Party has (potentially) made mistakes.
  • Party Evolution
    • List, comment & prioritize the many ways the Democratic Party can improve itself.
  • Campaign Tools
    • Discuss strengths and weaknesses of existing leadership collaboration tools.
    • Design & develop new custom collaboration tools for campaign staff.