Fun Coast Progressive Democratic Caucus

This is the public homepage for the open membership group FCPDC. 

  • There are no membership fees required,
  • Everyone is invited to work with us on our progressive projects.
  • You need to be a registered Democrat to become a member.
  • Chapter Status

Our chapter's official name is the Fun Coast Progressive Democratic Caucus and we are the Volusia County's chapter of the Democratic Progressive Caucus of Florida1 (DPCF). Membership in FCP  is free and open to all Democrats. 

Announcement: Our 2018 Candidate Endorsements have been selected.

What We Do

We are currently compiling a list of proposed social service projects to assist our fellow Democrats and help improve our community. Many of these projects involve high-tech communications tools which are so very important to the future of the Democratic Party and to our progressive political candidates as they prepare for the upcoming campaign season. This website, itself, is an example of an advanced collaborative work environment which will soon give all our FCP members a powerful knowledge base and the voice they need to more fully participate in our Democratic Party and our democratic government. Go to our projects page to learn more about what our progressive democrats are working on. Our first completed service project is a public Google Calendar listing all recurring democratic club and caucus meetings in Volusia county. Go to this page to see the calendar and for instructions on how to add it to your own personal list of Google Calendars.

We invite you to join us.

We will soon open this wiki based collaborative website so you will have a place where your voice can be heard, where your ideas can be fairly judged, where your projects can be shared with other progressives. If you have not already joined our mailing list please click here to receive monthly meeting notices.  

  • Mobilize : This is the Florida Democratic Party's new events calendar
    • If you wish to keep up to date, be sure to "Watch" this page.
  • Campaign Training
    • Lots of literature and training aids to show you how to manage a campaign.


Our Caucus Organization


Don't Forget

Only our upcoming midterm elections! is over    

1 . Our application to become a chapter of one Florida's most progressive organisations the Democratic Progressive Caucus of Florida was approved on May 8th, 2017