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This is the Homepage for the Fun Coast Indivisible Progressives group, and can be utilized (edited) by all FCP members who are also members of any local Indivisible group (see local list below).   

About: The National Indivisible Movement

We are progressive and patriotic residents of Volusia County, FL, self-organized under the banner of Indivisible America. We are not "fighting" against the Office of the Presidency. We recognize that our American system of political party campaigns, electoral college, and for-profit media has failed us by allowing a person who is emotionally and intellectually incapable of fulfilling the duties of the Presidency to become elected as our President. We are working:

  • To reduce the damage this Presidency inflicts on America's social & economic progress and inflicts on our country's ability to serve as a responsible global leader.
  • To prove the American people that our President is unfit for office by documenting his lack of education, poor judgement, and mental instability.
  • To make sure that all our government leaders listen to the American people, and listen to recognized American experts, and not to corporations and the super wealthy.
  • To prevent this dangerous electoral tragedy from ever happening again.

"Bottom line, we want to do two big things better:

  1. Demystify congressional advocacy. We get hundreds of questions every day about what Congress is doing, how to organize locally (see the toolkit!), and how to advocate in different situations. We’re going to start sending out timely updates and resources on what’s going on in Congress and how you can best organize, make your voice heard, and influence your members of Congress.
  2. Support the community of local groups putting the Indivisible Guide into action. We want to provide shared tools to help groups organize events, communicate with each other, and share best practices and resources. This also means spotlighting local successes and supporting a sense of a shared purpose. You can see that shared purpose already forming." (Src)

We do this work by organizing Demonstrations and by publishing important information all Americans need to know.

About: Fun Coast Indivisible Progressives

If we stop and put asside for the moment all the issues we hope to resolve, and instead think about the similarities between all the effective solutions we have seen which have solved other big problems in the past, we see a clear pattern. All effective solutions involve collaborative documentation. The Indivisible movement itself was started by a group of Washington Wonks who used Google Docs to collaboratively write a scripted solution. For this reason our Indivisible group is dedicated to learning about and teaching others how to fully utilize today's best free online collaboration tools. We want to empower all volunteers working to resist and repair America.

  • We teach how to use Video conferencing and screensharing to demonstrate important tools.
  • We teach how to fully utilize the entire Google suite of tools such as: Gmail, Contacts, Drive, Docs, Calendar and Groups.
  • We teach how to efficiently perform canvassing.
  • We teach how to organize voter registration.

If you like learning and teaching, and understand the huge importance of spreading the power of collaborative online resistance tools, please join our Resistance Tools Training group.

List of Indivisible Groups in Volusia

Sixth District (all of Volusia)


Meetings Near Daytona Beach


Meetings Near Ormond Beach


Meetings Near SouthWest


Meetings Near Southeast Volusia


Meetings In Flagler or North Volusia


Meetings in St. Johns County



Now A Quick Commercial Break

This Indivisible resource site is provided free by the Fun Coast Progressives, a facilitator of progressive organizations in Florida's 386 area code region. FCP Membership is free to both individuals and our allied groups. One of our missions is to teach progressive leaders about secure online collaboration tools, and how to use these tools to coordinate socially responsible activities. You are cordially invited to collaborate with us.