Meeting: July 26, 2017

This meeting will be held in the Boardroom at the very back of Zappi's Italian Garden Restaurant, We will have full menu and bar service to our meeting room. Zappi's management is allowing us to use their meeting room free of charge, so please remember to generously tip our servers and tell other progressive groups about this location.


  • Appetizers, dinner and drinks: 6:00 pmĀ 
  • Meeting will start at: 7:00 pm


  • in the Boardroom in the back of Zappi's Italian Garden restaurant.
  • 128 South Beach Street, Daytona Beach, 32114


  • The Theme for tonight's meeting is: Online Documentation Using Our Wiki.
  • Attendees should bring a laptop.
  • Instructions will be given on how to register on our site, and how to collaborate on Projects.
  • Guided Discussion on what might a local progressive organization do which would have the greatest exponentially growing positive impact on our national or global problems?
    • Possible topic: Creating questions for our online quiz: "How Progressive Are You?"

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