Please Excuse the Mess We are doing three things at once with Projects

  1. Listing, talking about, and prioritizing our Projects.
  2. Joining, editing and adding information about our Projects.
  3. Trying to create a Project Protocol for organizing this process.

Please visit the Project Protocol page to see how it will all work.

The Fun Coast Progressives is an umbrella organization which supports the efforts of all our members, the efforts of all our allied groups, and the efforts of all local progressive organizations. We do this by holding physical meetings, but mostly we do this by providing a professional grade collaboration substrate (this wiki), a place where progressives can go to learn, teach and participate in productive projects. We also support progressive groups by teaching members how to use modern online tools and methods.  We are currently working to organise, prioritize and promote projects for our members to join and for our organizations to emphasize. These projects are listed and prioritized by ongoing consensus.   Remember that this online worksite is a collaborative effort and all members of Fun Coast Progressives are enabled to make online suggestions to page content and new pages.  It is a good idea to have fully read the Writer's Guide before editing our Project Pages listed below.  

Top Priority (Foundational) Projects

These are projects which pull us together and define us as a progressive group. Foundational projects make all other projects easier, they develop our communications and organizational capabilities and provide services valuable to our members and our allied organizations.

  • Wiki Training and Wiki Improvement
    • Without members contributing to this wiki, FCP will get nothing done other than talk. Without training, members won't know how to contribute. This is why we need to push this Project above all others. Remember our nerdy motto: Documentation is universal to all solutions. We need to move from "talking about projects" to documenting what needs to be done next on each project. This what wikis are great at.  We need to make this wiki more user friendly and capable of supporting diverse groups and their projects. This means we all need to contribute to "cleaning up" the public pages and our instructional pages. This starts buy everyone being willing to add Comments found at the bottom of every Page.
  • Public Meeting Rooms
    • Physical meetings are very important, but they are not possible without knowledge of good meeting locations. This project is dedicated to collecting and maintaing a list of businesses, bars, and restaurants which offer low cost or free private meeting rooms.
  •  Local Activist Groups
    •  Our social goal is to unify progressives. The first step is to find them. There are many progressive groups which meet throughout Volusia County and neighboring regions. The goal of this project is to discover these groups, and open a constructive dialogue with them.
  •  Our Discussions on Progressivism
    • Although the description of Progressivism has changed through the times, and will undoubtedly continue to change, our goal in these discussions is twofold: 
      1. Come together as a group by teaching each other what is important to each of us.
      2. Collectively write a definition and a manifesto describing our today's best understanding of what a Progressive is. Such documents can then be used as an educational resource for all new members.
  • Healthcare


Active FCP Projects

The following projects have been discussed at FCP meetings, with enough membership approval to be place on this list. Note: the list has not been sorted by priority.

  • FCP on Facebook
    • Our affiliated Democratic Caucus has a Facebook Page dedicated to posting information of interest to Democrats. What we need is a Facebook Group which anyone can join and post to. This Project is dedicated to online discussion and planning on how to setup and manage this Facebook Group.
  • FCP on Twitter
  • Our first quiz: How Progressive Are You?
    • This may not seem all that important but this is a Project which pulls us together. It helps us define who we are, even what we are trying to accomplish. This quiz may be our first widely propagated work product. It will (hopefully) inform and entertain people, accurately represent us, and bring in new members from all over.
  • Online Lists
    • Wikis are great for allowing large numbers of members to contribute to all important lists. This page is itself a list of our lists, starting with our top priority lists.
  • Active Member Polls
    • Feedback from members is what this website is all about. Please grok these polls, and suggest others.
  • The Progressive Reading List
  • Creating Online Educational Quizzes.
    • Our first quiz will be titled: How Progressive Are You?
  • Dictionary of abbreviations.
  • The Progressive Lexicon
    • All too often we get into arguments because we each have slightly different definitions for the very important words we use. The goal of this project is to discuss these definitions and come up with more clear and orthogonal definitions.
  • Outreach Services
    • List and create contacts with all other progressive organizations in Volusia county.
    • Support a "Listserv" service for any/all progressive organizations in Volusia.
    • Create and maintain educational documents on the utilization of advanced collaboration tools.
  • The Progressive's Pledge of Allegiance
    • Once we are willing to lay our nationalistic pride to the side, we can see that our current pledge has many problems. This project discusses those problems and will attempt to overcome them by suggesting new improved pledges.
  • Creation and Maintenance of Event Calendars
  • Voting Restoration Amendment
    • Returning past minor felons to society by restoring their voting rights.
  • Clipping Service
    • Create and maintain a media watch for Volusia County issues.
  • Exponential Action Call Trees
    • Create and maintain "Call to Action Notification Trees" based on phone and web tools.
  • Passage of Constitutional Amendment 28
    • Quickly overcome Citizen's United by crowdsourcing a movement to pass this amendment.
  • Education
    • Research the information needed by members and establish training programs.
  • Public Social Events
    • Public fairs, bazaars, expos, markets, shows, pageants, exhibitions
  • Criminal Justice Reform
    • Advocate for changes in the Florida Criminal Justice system which would raise threshholds for minor felony offenses and restore voting rights for convicted felons who have satisfied the requirements of their sentence.

 *Boycott Lists

    • Maintain documented lists of which companies should be boycotted, why, and what alternative companies should be utilized.


Project Pages for Our Allied Groups