We are Sustain Volusia, and welcome to our temporary website, provided to us free of charge by the many fine members of the Fun Coast Progressive coalition. Sustain Volusia is a group of environmentally concerned citizens of Volusia County (FL) who recognize the need to socially change course and locally grow our economy towards a more sustainable environmentally friendly direction. We recognize that these changes will protect and enhance the beauty of Volusia County, promote our economy at all levels, and do so by following the most efficient and fiscally conservative path. 

Please bookmark this URL and visit us often. This is what you will see happening over the next few months.

  1. A more complete explanation of what a Sustainability Council is, how it should be organized, why Volusia deserves to have one, and why converting Volusia's existing Soil & Water Conservation District into a sutainability council is the most logical course of action. 
  2. The formation of a Sustainability Advisory Group (SAG) composed of local scientists, domain experts and local leaders willing to promote the conversion of the S&WCD into a fully funded and fully mandated sustainability council, and then to advise this council and the volunteers who work to improve our environment.
  3. The creation of a new group of active environmentalists willing to work at smart growth projects recommended by the SAG.
  4. Promotion of new, experienced sustainability experts to fill all five seats on the S&WCD Sustainability Council and willing to supervise the recommended smart growth projects and bring the issues surrounding sustainability to the public's attention in an unbiased and professional manner. 



A short list of our goals:

  • Prevent fracking everywhere in Florida.
  • Prevent eutrophication of our lakes, waterways and  aquifers.
  • Promote wildlife corridors, sanctuaries, habitat expansion, and rescue missions.
  • Expand our system of bike paths and nature walks, and promote them internationally.
  • Transition urban landscaping norms from grass to zero maintenance native plant species.
  • Promote low footprint vertical urbanization rather than the urban sprawl of single family homes.
  • Promote solar farms and integrated structures for both solar & farming.
  • Prevent plastic pollution from blowing into our waterways and polluting our beaches and oceans.
  • Promote monitoring of our cascading storm waterways to prevent flushing and fill our aquifers.
  • Establish regular subsurface mapping of potential sink holes and redirect surface water away from high risk areas.
  • Establish emergency response engineering teams to prevent inflow of polluted water into newly opened sink holes.


Our immediate goal is to turn Volusia County's enfeebled Soil & Water Conservation District into a fully mandated and funded Sustainability Council. This transition will require several steps:

  1. Replace current Supervisors with environmental engineers possessing the necessary wide spectrum skills of sustainability research and planning. 
  2. Require all Supervisors to work closely with Volusia County's
  3. Improve public outreach by sponsoring free public lectures on sustainability.
  4. Work closely with and jointly sponsor programs with all neighboring Soil & Water Conservation Districts and Water Management Districts.
  5. Establish professional working committees to generate 5 year and 20 year sustainability plans.
  6. Sponsor a full range of prioritized sustainability programs as outlined in these plans.
  7. Encourage County legislation which would fund all these necessary sustainability programs.


  • Fun Coast Progressives provides free webpages to all candidates upon request, but reserve the right to allow public comment on each page.
  • The Domain Name: bliss-for-volusia.org was paid for and approved by William Bliss, a candidate for Volusia County Soil and Water Conservation District.