Welcome to the Fun Coast Progressive Collaborative Worksite

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What is Fun Coast Progressives?

FCP is a free nonpartisan umbrella membership organization which hosts and helps coordinate the activities of individuals and members of our several allied groups. FCP also provides free Cloud-based collaboration tools and web presence via this wiki.  Fun Coast Progressives and many of our allied groups are tightly connected with both affiliated progressive groups in Florida and affiliated national progressive groups.

Who We Are

We are a diverse & fun loving group of hard working progressive thinkers. We enjoy meeting and talking with other progressives, but mostly we value the opportunity to get important Projects accomplished, projects which our members have chosen.  Even though our membership is a mixture of Independants, Republicans, Democrats and Greens, we are non-partisan in how we work together. Our country and our planet have problems. As progressives our job is to work together to solve these problems. Our meetups and online collaborations are dedicated to discussion, establishing long lasting camaraderie, and completing these self-designed projects.

What We Do

Like progressives everywhere, our goal is to seek out and evaluate the world's best experts, learn from them and give them a public voice. We also recognize that everyone of us is an expert on their own lives, and therefore everyone should have a voice on how our lives are affected by the structures of our civilization.

"Documentation is universal to all solutions"

This is a theme we take very seriously. It is why we have dedicated ourselves to providing free online collaborative writing tools. We use these tools to do far more than complain. We document the issues we are facing, we research these issues and document our findings, we outline the step-by-step pathways towards solutions to these issues and then we document them too. The idea is simple, only by centralizing the plan can we mutually coordinate the efforts. This is the essence of crowdsourcing, and the only way to reunite America. Fun Coast Progressives donates free web page space and technical assistance to ALL candidates for political office, though we reserve the right to comment and add links to contrasting views on all pages published on this site. We call it "conversation".

We invite you to join us

  • We hold regular meetings at several locations. Everyone is welcome.
  • If you have not already joined our mailing list please click here to receive monthly meeting notices.
  • We will soon open this wiki based collaborative website so you will have a place where your voice can be heard, where your ideas can be fairly judged, where your projects can be shared with other progressives.

FCP Endorsed Candidates