Welcome to the Homepage for Our Revolution Wiki.

We are a "local" group affiliated with Senator Bernie Sanders' national Our Revolution organization. Our group is primarily dedicated to online collaborative projects which allow members to participate from anywhere, at anytime, and in whatever fashion they so choose. Therefore our group's name was chosen to be Our Revolution Wiki. The word "wiki" comes from the Hawaiian expression "wiki-wiki" which basically means "quick-quick". Our name then both describes the online collaborative tool we use to document our work and meetings (a wiki engine), and the speed at which we choose to work towards a Political Revolution (quickly).

Membership in Our Revolution Wiki is free, and there are no obligations other than to honestly represent who you are. Our members are not required to join the national Our Revolution organization unless they so choose. That said, members of Our Revolution Wiki will be responsible for offering a free memberships to Our Revolution to all attendees of Our Revolution Wiki events, online or physical, and to all financial donors to Our Revolution Wiki. In other words, our job is to offer people the choice.

Because our goal is to collaborate with all types of progressives and progressive groups, Our Revolution WIki jointly meets with other members of the umbrella organization, Fun Coast Progressives, which sponsors our section of this wiki website. We meet every fourth Wednesday for a friendly 6:00 pm dinner, at Zappi's Italian Garden Restaurant, in Daytona Beach. more info.

News Flash

Reports are coming in that Bernie is starting to ramp up his campaign activities for a possible run in 2020. We wholeheartedly support this ramp up, and one of our projects is dedicated to helping Bernie organize a Florida tour by using our secure online collaborative capabilities.

We will talk more on Wednesday.

Active Polls

Our group has the opportunity to endorse candidates and ask National to consider endorsing them. Please read this page about this poll


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